Weekend Open Bar: Addicted To The Chaos


First weekend of my post-semester existence! Which, really, doesn’t mean much to me. Still papers to grade. Still college essays to read for placements. Still a conference presentation to cobble together. Still a looming summer semester to plan for. Still a wedding. Fuck, fuck, fuck! But honestly? I’m sort of addicted to the chaos. Whenever I truly have nothing to do, I sort of fart about. Eat too much. Lament my mortal coil’s sloughing. But when I’m busy? Miserable. Ah! To be bipolar. Ah! To be human. Enough about me, though. This is Weekend Open Bar!

The weekly column where I invite all kind, like-minded souls to gather and share what they’re up to this weekend! Share dumb GIFs! Share your cinema plans, your dinner projections, your video game marathons. Or share stories! About pissing your pants in bed (see: me, last week), your Nana’s dentures, the Gargoyles only you can see but you’re certain exist.

Shoot the shit! With me! With us.