Daniel Radcliffe playing Rockstar Games’ co-founder in BBC series

wizard fuckboi

Everyone’s favorite little wizard fuckboi is going to be playing the biggest, envelope-pushing, most controversial degenerate gaming developer.


The star of the Harry Potter films, British actor Daniel Radcliffe, is reportedly in negotiations to play Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser in the BBC’s upcoming drama about the creation of and controversy over Grand Theft Auto, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

BBC Two is set to air Gamechanger, a dramatization of Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto’s success, as well as “the subsequent fallout as various groups objected to its violent gameplay.” The 90-minute drama will be directed by Owen Harris, who has directed episodes of Misfits and Black Mirror for the BBC. James Wood, who wrote and producedRev. for the BBC, is reportedly writing the script for Gamechanger.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Rockstar Games drama will also have a role for infamous Florida activist attorney Jack Thompson, the outspoken critic of video game violence who was disbarred in 2008 for misconduct. The role of Thompson has not been cast yet.

Filming on Gamechanger — previously known under working titles Rockstar Games andGrand Theft Auto — is reportedly set to begin in April. The drama will air on BBC Two.