‘True Detective’ Season 2 Plot Rumors: Murder In FictionalCali

True Detective

None of these rumors are confirmed. I don’t find any of them particularly enormous. But none the less they shall be stuffed underneath under the break. Flock with me friends. Read the rumors. Time is a flat circle, but True Detective Season 2 anticipation can be a circle jerk. That ain’t clever, but hey I’m working with a limited capacity.

Over at Film Divider (new on the block, but quickly gaining a good rep), they’ve shared the rumblings they’ve heard about the narrative thrust for next iteration of “True Detective” and it’s fascinating stuff. This is definitely different territory and we’ll excerpt the significant portion of the plot details below. And in case it isn’t plainly obvious, potential spoilers ahead:

The new mystery is to be kickstarted by the murder of Ray Caspar, City Manager of a fictional Californian city. From what I can gather, the new, partly invented map that Pizzolatto is drawing will be essential to his new story. As he teased, some months ago, part of the mystery will involve California’s transportation systems. This plot will involve a corrupt scheme to link North and South California with a high speed train, all in pursuit of profitable land ownership and lucrative federal grants.

Fascinating stuff, with a corruption scheme evoking a “Chinatown”-esque vibe, though the occult is still expected to come into play, but not as a central element. As for those “four central characters”? Three of them — reportedly two men and one woman — will be from different branches of the state government, who wind up working together. As for the fourth role referenced, it will likely be the “villain” of the plot.

Meanwhile, Pizzolatto likes his damaged leads. Farrell’s character works for the California Highway Patrol and was “suspended for sexually exploiting a young woman he pulled over,” while like Rust Cohle, he’ll have various demons too, dealing with “cocaine and anger management” issues.

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