Monday Morning Commute: Endless War.

Endless War.Comrades, you mustn’t ever forget that we’re in the midst of an endless war.

Battles will be won. Victories will be celebrated. But we can’t let this momentary triumphs blind us to the grim reality — it never ends. Everything against which we fight will always come back, no matter how valiant our efforts. For as strong as we are, the enemies are immortal.

The Workload. The Stress. The Existential Crisis.

But it’s time that we cue up some new weapons. Tools with which we can wage our eternal struggle. This is the Monday Morning Commute, and I’m going to show you the entertainment that’s helping keep me alive. Your task? Hit up the comments section and show off your own wares.

Let’s go.


Screaming “SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP!” because I finally saw the LEGO MOVIE!



Listening to brutal tunes FROM PARTS UNKNOWN.


Gettin’ neurotic with ANNIE HALL.


Celebratin’ the FOURTH OF JULY because I am A REAL AMERICAN.


So those’re my means of fending off our adversaries.

How’re you going to help fight this endless war?