True Detective time.

ALL THE FUCKING CAPITAL LETTERS FOR THIS ONE. I’m so turnt up (as the hip ones say?) on the wild Mountainous Dew this morning, I don’t even care. (If you can’t tell, I fucking hate myself.) None the less, I’m here to inject your beautiful, mushy ocular-holes with some wonderful True DetectiveHardy Boys cultural mash-up.

‘Cause fuck you, Rust Cohle is eternal.

Yes, it’s been a couple weeks now since we said goodbye to “True Detective,” but the show is still inspiring all kinds of parodies and tributes. From the Batman-themed opening credits to the Seth Rogen and Patton Oswalt spoof toMartin Hart witnessing the Red Wedding, the Internet has had plenty of fun with Matthew McConaughey andWoody Harrelson. And now another creative take on the show has landed.

Todd Spence has created illustrated book cover versions of the original boy detectives—The Hardy Boys—but swapped in Marty and Rust for Frank and Joe. It’s pretty awesome stuff, with titles nicely reflecting developments of the show, all while keeping the visual vibe of the books. Our three favorites are below, but for more, head over to Break. [Play List]


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