Big Brother.

Like I said before. It is time for me to take my latex fetishes and furry orgy requests to carrier pigeon. The days of the Wild Wild Internet (if it ever truly existed) is certainly fading with stunning alacrity. Today the House passed CISPA by a considerable amount, and now it is up to Barry Obama to strike the son of a bitch down. (But let’s be honest, the death of Internet freedom is being shoved down our throat no matter how much we gag.)


CISPA, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or “the worst privacy disaster our country has ever faced” has just passed through the House of Representativeswith an astounding majority of 288 to 127.

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act wormed its way into the public consiousness shorty after the Internet’s big SOPA smackdown. But unlike previous legislation that aimed to snag some precious Internet control for the government by whining about “content theft,” CISPA’s plan is/was to scoop up information on you in the name of security against cyberthreats by allowing (but really coercing) companies to share your data with good ol’ Johnny Law. And now it’s continuing to roll on towards becoming law.

This isn’t CISPA’s first run at law-hood. Last year the bill managed to pass a House vote as well before ultimately languishing in the Senate. And though there was hope that perhaps its ressurected form would have more privacy protections for the average citizen, it persisted—and has passed again—pretty much unchanged.

Fortunately this is only the first step, though one pretty easily made. But besides the Senate hurdle, there’s also the matter of a veto; President Obama promised to smack down CISPA if it made its way to him back in 2012, and he’s reiterated that promise this time as well.

Though decisive, the 288-to-127 isn’t the two-thirds required to overcome such a veto without another vote. Whether or not it will come to that all depends on whether or not the bill can fair better in the Senate this time around. It seems unlikely that the Democrat-controlled Senate would go too buckwild passing a bill with a standing veto-threat from President Obama. Here’s to hoping.