‘DEAD SPACE 3’ GAMESCOM TRAILER and Release Date. Inside. Right here.

Try as I might, I can’t stop wanting Dead Space 3. Yeah, it’s going to be a wilted version of a fantastic formula. It’s still a form of that structure, even bastardized and farted upon. I’m sorry. I’m weak. I can’t say no to Isaac Clarke or late night peanut butter sandwiches. And might I add, the two of them go fantastic together.

The Verge:

Visceral Games’ latest dismemberment-focused opus, Dead Space 3, has been dated for an early 2013 launch — February 5th in North America and the 8th in Europe, for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — following its predecessor’s late January 2011 example. Now that publisher Electronic Arts has a date, it also has a pre-order strategy! If you drop some early money on the Limited Edition of the game, you’ll be rewarded with “two bonus suits and weapons,” available at the “start” of the game.

The “First Contact” bundle includes the aptly titled First Contact suit, a suit with “a flamboyant golden finish to provide protection from long-term space exposure and thick armor for… unspecified reasons,” as well as the Negotiator Weapon, a gold-plated toy with two modes, one capable of “bursting a man-sized organism into several pieces with a single shot” and the other capable of “cleanly dismembering organic tissue from a distance.”

The “Witness the Truth” bundle packs the Witness Suit, an “insulated suit” that presumably “covered head to toe in strange graffiti” tied into the game’s pseudo-religious mythology. The accompanying Evangelizer Weapon is a two mode weapon with “a souped-up AL-2g assault rifle on the top with an Emerson 2100 ‘Big Boy’ tactical shotgun on the bottom.”