An American in Canada: The Maple Eagle Flies!

[In an attempt to expand his insular perspective, Rendar Frankenstein became An American in Canada! Join Rendar as he tells of the wonders encountered while traveling through North America’s most jovial nation. It’s one-third travel guide and three-fourths misguided interpretation!]

My name is Rendar Frankenstein, and I’m an American.

What’s that? You doubt my allegiance? Bah! I’m as American as they come, sister! I was born in Boston, the very place where the Founding Fathers used to kick back with cold brews and rocket snowballs at British bastards! I spend every Fourth of July blastin’ Civil War-themed metal tunes and poundin’ cheeseburgers! And I vote in every Presidential Election, even if my candidate of choice isn’t of the corporately-approved variety!

Unless I can figure out a way to ride a bald eagle to work, I’m pretty much maxin’ out the limit breaker on my USA power-bar.

With that being said, I realize that there’re plenty of rockin’ countries on Spaceship Earth. So in an attempt to expand my horizons, I’ve promised myself that I would spend some of Summer 2012 exploring another nation, an alien land whose customs and cultures are unlike those I encounter during my regularly-scheduled daily-livin’ experiences. With this aim in mind, I was beyond ecstatic when I decided upon the country.


Now, I’m not promising to tell you anything that hasn’t been discussed elsewhere. In fact, if any of you currently gazin’ at OL hail from Canada, I suspect you’ll spend as much time facepalming as you will reading the articles. But my goal is to help those of us who’re relatively uninitiated gain a deeper appreciation for the Canadian Way.

I’m inviting you to join me as I detail what it feels like to be an American in Canada. In the first season of this series, I’m going to highlight the international revelations I encountered as I drove from Boston, Massachusetts to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Sounds fun, eh?