Monday Morning Commute: Craft Rockets, Slay Demons.

Look to the stars and tell me what you see.

Hope? Possibility? Wonder? All there, of course. But sometimes when we crank our necks and gaze starward we can’t help but see the lifeless shells of our gods drifting about. The carcasses of once-beloved titans, now mere space debris. Inanimate. No longer fighting for us.

What’s worse is that upon being vacated, the cadavers of our deities fall prey to the very demons they’d hoped to battle into eternity. What these obsidian antagonists lack in strength they make up for with immortality. And tenacity. As such, they wait until their enemies have been felled by by the uncaring sword of Providence and then ravage the remains.

Apathy. Complacency. Pessimism. But three members of the nefarious tribe known as Cosmic Demons.

So what’re we to do? How can we help preserve the splendor of the night sky as dusk descends and the stars come out? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret. The truth is that those giant forms vulnerably swimming across our telescopic paths only look like god-corpses. But in actuality, they are vehicles just waiting to be piloted again. Hell, we can even set up shop and inhabit them for the rest of our days! We don’t have to mistake the idol for the idea!

Become the gods you praise. Take a stand against galactic gluttony. Slay demons with creativity.



I’m going to take you through all the ways I’ll be slaying ennui-demons on my quest for the weekend! After checking out my conquests, hit up the comments sections and detail your own!

Grab your battle-axe and get in the rocketship!


Finally Readin’/Apocalipstick (The Invisibles Volume 2)

I’ve had Apocalipstick in my possession for quite some time now. So why haven’t I read it? Well, if there’s one thing I learned from reading the first volume of Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles, it’s that there’s no shortage of ideas in each issue. What’s it about, you ask? A team of superheroic rebels traveling through time, space, and psychic channels in their quest to dismantle the Conspiracy that imprisons our minds?

Yeah, count me in 100%

Two issues into this second volume and I’m already blown away. We’ve already lost Dane (aka Jack Frost), who is basically this title’s version of Neo. No, seriously. Zombies are running around, shamanistic rituals are abound, and there’s plenty of sick action. My mind is being simultaneously expanded and entertained.


Peepin’/What Not

I just discovered What Not and I’m itchin’ to look through every single post.  Why’s that? Well, this blog consists of weekly contributions from some no-hogwash talents of the comic book realm. Or, in their words:

What Not ( pronoun ) “Informal unspecified assorted material” Which is what we hope to achieve every week with a varied range of subject matter, from a varied group of artists. You know. . . What Not.

Damn. Time to grab my art-board and ride the archive waves.


Drinkin’/Buffalo Trace

I know very little about Buffalo Trace. What I know is that about a month ago I bought a bottle of the stuff after it caught my eye. I also know that when I arrived home, I felt guilty about buying a new bottle of bourbon when I had a half-finished bottle of Jim Beam to work on. But another factoid I know is that Mr. Beam has left the building, clearing the way for this untested concoction.

There’re spirits in the air, I can feel `em. And to celebrate their arrival, I’m going to have some Buffalo Trace. I just hope that it’s good enough to welcome these benevolent ghosts.


That’s my week, my means of slitting the throat of cumbersome negativity.

What’s you’re week lookin’ like?