Pre-Screening YouTube Videos Would Cost $37 Billion. A Year.

Buckle up. There is an enormous 72-hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Every. Fucking. Minute. Some people clamor for pre-screening of this titantic amount of video, and hey that’s totally doable. If you have the pockets. The deep ones.


Last week, we reported that a staggering  72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Now, engineer  Craig Mansfield  has worked out how much it would cost per year to pre-screen all that video for copyright infringements–and the answer is close to that of Google’s annual revenue.

Mansfield calculated  that a team of 199,584 judges–or equally qualified individuals–would be required to watch and rule over the video, which in turn would cost $36,829,468,840. For comparison, Google’s revenue for 2011 was $37,905,000,000.

Even if it were possible to find a cheaper labor source, the costs would still be astronomical. If you’re interested, you can  read his working in detail.

So that answers that one, folks.