‘G.I. JOE: RETALIATION’ RESHOOTS Add More Channing Tatum, Make Him Less Dead

We knew that G.I. Joe: Retaliatory Remarks Said With Guns  was getting reshoots to add a third (how about a second? lol!) dimension to the flick. Unsurprisingly however, it seems the reshoot will also be adding more Channing Tatum.

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Man, you gotta kind of be feeling for  Paramount  and their seemingly cursed “G.I. Joe” franchise. The first film by  Stephen Sommers  was a disappointment, to say the least, taking in a modest $300 million worldwide (not a great figure when the budget not including P&A was $175 million) but worst of all, it failed to capture the imagination of the fanboys in the first place. Nevertheless, a brand is a brand is a brand, and the studio forged ahead with a sequel, upping the ante with stars like  Dwayne Johnson  andBruce Willis, but in what will be regarded as one of the worst decisions to be made in recent memory, they decided to kill off  Channing Tatum  early on in the movie. But with the late-stage decision to push the flick to 2013 under the cover of converting it to 3D, the studio is hoping to put some Tatum sauce back on their blockbuster steak.

Deadline  reports that according to their insiders, test screenings for the movie found that audiences wanted more bro-time between The Rock and The Tatum and they were asking for 3D (though the latter request sounds like something the studio made up). So what’s the plan? More Tatum. And it’s hardly a surprise. The actor has two big hits under his belt in 2012 with “The Vow” and “21 Jump Street” and will likely score another big opening with “Magic Mike” in the next few weeks. Apparently, a week of reshoots has already happened adding more Captain Duke Hauser, but you have to imagine the studio is kicking themselves for tossing a young rising box office star out of their tentpole. Oops. Deadline suggests that “the movie is being reworked” with implication that Tatum won’t necessarily be killed off. Maybe he’ll get an ambiguous death to keep the door open for a return later on?

Man, death salt on their taint. There was no way to predict Tatum blowing up with 21 Jump Street and That Movie With Rachel McAdams, so I’m sure their blowing up of the dude in lieu of The Rock made tons of sense.