Australian DEATH METAL BAND Receives $20,000 Grant. Hell Yes.

There’s a death metal band by the name of  Ouroboros from Australia, and this band clearly originates from the greatest of countries. They’ve been awarded a $20,000 grant. To record a new album.

Metal Injection:

Wow, and here I thought that being a musician in Sweden was awesome. In Sweden, you can get public assistance (welfare) for being a musician, while not actively touring. That’s nothing compared to Australia. Death metal act Ouroboros were approved for a $20,000 grant from the Australia Council For The Arts to record their new album. This is better than Kickstarter!

The council for arts is known to be a giving organization, between 2010 and 2011, they distributed over $160 million in grants to local artists.

The band has said they will use the money to hire an orchestra to play on their next album.

The chair of the Australia Council music board, Matthew Hindson, was  quoted  as saying about the band: “They have a degree of technical virtuosity and musicianship. No matter what kind of music you are involved in, that comes through.”

I am desperately awaiting the United States to grand Omega Level a $20,000 grant to take our whirling madness onto the comic book convention circuit. Write your alderman. Your mayor. Your governor.