There Is a ‘WATCHMEN’ Toaster. Exploit The Corpse; SUCK ITS MARROW.

Where the soul should be, there is a distinct gaping maw. Warner Bros. and DC are trying to fill this with all sorts of (Bef0re) Watchmen  drivel. It can only make sense that one of the many marketing  diarrhea-experiences would be a toaster. Wait. No. No this doesn’t make sense, even if we’re talking cross-marketing bullshit.

Comics Alliance:

To everyone who thought that  Before Watchmen  was as crass as Warner Bros would get in terms of strip-mining the legacy of  Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’  Watchmen, bless you for your optimism and belief in the inherent goodness of humanity. However, you might want to look away before we tell everyone else about the official  Watchmen  toaster.

No, it’s not a joke (well, not in that sense, anyway): There really is going to be an official  Watchmen  toaster that will not only heat bread and bagels to your desired level of tasty, crunchy brownness, but will do so while also imprinting said bread or bagels with iconic artwork from the classic comic – because you demanded it!