‘DIABLO 3’ Open Thread: Broken Servers & Molested Hearts

So Diablo 3  has been out for over 24 hours, and for some of those hours it has even been playable! I figured it’d be done proper to get an open thread going where we can wax diabolical and the such. For the love of God please don’t use this venue for only  bitching about Blizzard’s chunky vomit all down the side of their pants. Game impressions, rants, funny happenings, et cetera. Let’s get it going.

Quick Caff Review (So Far) Stolen From Convo With The Dude Last Night:  It’s pretty awesome. It can’t have all the magic of D2, since frankly half the magic was finding out how addictive and new the piece of shit was. It’s more like hanging out with an old friend you haven’t seen in a real long fucking time, and realizing you still have a goddamn blast with them.