Cole Hauser Joins ‘A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD’ As Villain; Plus Set Photos!

Confession time: I keep forgetting that there is going to be another Die Hard  movie. Like, I’m going to forget it almost immediately after I write this up. I don’t find it to the most egregious of crimes, forgetting a movie that doesn’t need to exist. However let us seize this opportunity of remembrance to pass on some casting news and set photos.


Leading the charge against the McClane and son will be a villain played by  Cole Hauser, best known for his early roles in  Dazed and Confused, Higher Learning  and  Good Will Hunting.  John Moore  is directing a script by  Skip Woods.

Deadline  broke the news of Hauser’s casting and call it a “pivotal supporting role.” Whether that means if Hauser is the lead villain or just an important one isn’t clear, but he’s certainly a formidable foe for Willis as well as a familiar one. Hauser has previously appeared in both  Tears of the Sun  and  Hart’s War.

Recently, Fox chairman Tom Rothman  revealed a few new details  about  A Good Day To Die Hard,  which is still scheduled for a Valentine’s Day 2013 release:

It’s really a father-son story, which is that John McClane’s been a great cop his whole life but he’s been a pretty lousy father. He has a grown son who he’s not really been in much touch with, and McClane thinks the son’s a fuck up – that’s a technical term. […] So he goes to Russia, he thinks, to bail his son out of jail, and it turns out the son’s not a fuck up, he’s the antithesis of that. In fact, the apple has not fallen far from the tree, the apple has not fallen from the tree, which is that the son is a badder ass John McClane than John McClane.

He then added…

It comes to the point in the story where they’re basically the most wanted men in the entire Soviet Union, and it’s the two of them against all of the bad guys. I’ve just gotta say, it’s a classic, classic  Die Hard.