DROPBOX Goes MEGAUPLOAD With New Feature, A-Nice.

One of the features that had Megaupload on the ropes has come to Dropbox. With but a click of the button you can now share any ¬†file in your Dropbox account. Ballin’!


There’s no more fussing about with shared folders when using Dropbox any more, as the cloud storage service has just added the ability to share ANY file in your Dropbox account.

It works with a simple right-click through the Dropbox menu (or icons within the web and mobile apps), where a new “Get Link” tab now appears. Clicking on this generates a URL to that particular file, letting you ping the address out to anyone. Pics and videos display on a Dropbox branded web page, with movie files streaming in through a Flash player.

It may well turn Dropbox into some sort of Megaupload-inspired heaven for illegal file sharers, but we’ll let the Dropbox lawyers worry about that.


Pretty radical, right hurr. Makes sharing out my self-pics of me all done up in Princess Peach garb with frosting on my crotch and deceit in my eyes way, way easier.