IKEA Is Making Their Own HDTV That’s PART OF THE FURNITURE. Rubicon. Crossed.

IKEA is making moves, son! Making moves. They’re building a fucking neighborhood in London. They’re offering delicious swedish meatballs. They’re creating a fucking HDTV that is built into the furniture. Jesus Christ, somebody slow these fuckers down.


As Apple fans patiently wait for their favorite company to make a long rumored television, another major corporation is stepping into the TV game and this one isn’t even known for electronics. It’s  IKEA, the Swedish company best known for affordable  easy-to-assemble  furniture. They’ve just revealed the  Uppleva, an all-in-one smart TV that’s already part of the furniture. Combining an LED screen with built-in Blu-ray player, speakers, wireless subwoofer and fully customizable housing  depending  on where you plan on putting it, the Uppleva does a lot of things very right. And some things wrong.