Spanish Poster For ‘DJANGO UNCHAINED’; Plus Walton Goggins Joins Cast.

Oh shit! Here’s a gorgeous Spanish poster for Django Unchained, plus news of Boyd Crowder joining the cast.

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The one sheet comes courtesy (and randomly) from Sony Spain’s  Twitter account  (and good heads up by  ScreenCrush). Anyway, you already known the story so we won’t recount it here, but instead, we’ll provide you with a bit of a casting update. Did you know “Justified” star  Walton Goggins  was in this? We didn’t either and we either missed the announcement, or like a handful of folks in the last few weeks, he was quietly added. While we had tipped Goggins in our  casting piece  way back when for the role of Mr. Stonesiper — one of Calvin Candie’s two slave wranglers — he got the other one Billy Crash instead. And he chatted with  GQ  about his experience on the film.

“This movie is  radical. It’s like a kid walking into a candy store, to use a trite, overused metaphor. I can’t believe it. I just started work this week, and my very first day, I’m looking up, and there’s Quentin. I’m in Quentin’s world, in his imagination,” Goggins enthused. “His cinematic acumen is unparalleled, and he’s able to draw from all these resources, which are all the movies that have ever been made. He’s seen most, if not all of them, and he really is an auteur. He’s a savant auteur who is as passionate and as playful as any artist I’ve ever worked with. His enthusiasm is infectious, and the story is a movie that only Quentin Tarantino could make.”

So yes, he’s excited, and dammit so are we. “Django Unchained” lands on Christmas Day.