PSA: Yes We Have Ads Now. Please Still Love Us.

Hello friends, foreigners, stragglers. If you oft come to the Omega Level – you poor fucks – you may have noticed that we recently dropped some advertising up in this son of a bitch. I figured that an explanation was worthy of being vomited out, since if you don’t use an ad blocker (and if you love me you won’t, because I have child support to pay god dammit! [that’s a lie]) you’ve noticed some hocking and whoring taking up what precious little space we have around these parts.

The quickest and most transparent method is for me to level with ya’ll. So Imma level. OL has been growing lately, and we’ve begun to brainstorm where the fuck we’re going next with this rocket ship. Aside from plunging it into the Heart of Insanity while eating peanuts and  Twinkies  in the aisles. All of our wonderful ideas demand money. Unfortunately, the price I’ve been able to charge for greasy-thighed caffeine-jittery lap dances has been dropping. You know, the economy and shit. Oh and I’ve been stressing big time lately about the Universe, my post-Grad School Life, and other shit. That means I’ve been crushing something like 49,000 calories a day and the jiggles are starting to get their own jiggles.

So know that all the money we hope to accrue through this new visual noise will be poured back into the Monolith itself. We want to get some apparel going. Shit costs money. We may need a new host. Shit costs money. We’d love to start hitting conventions. Hotel rooms cost money. Booths cost money. On, and on, and on. I sincerely doubt that the advertisements themselves will pay for these grand ideas, but they’ll help to mitigate  the costs. The three of us Founders are Rich in Spirit and Mental Illness, but not exactly loaded outside of that realm.

I genuinely hope these ads don’t force any long time readers to leave the site. They’re being thrown together essentially to help bring anyone crazy enough to enjoy this site more content while being able to broadcast our  Deprivation  deeper into the Internet Abyss. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, et cetera that you want to throw out there are welcome as always. This joint thrives off its small but dedicated community, and I keep my Gap open for all of you. Thanks for your support as always, blah, blah blah. Merry Christmas.