Second REAL-LIFE Batman Pops Up In The Slovak Republic. Oh, Reality <3

Apparently no one has seen Kick-Ass. ‘Cause to compliment the real-life dude bombing around Brazil as the Goddamn Bat-Man, there is now another would-be good doer patrolling parts of the Slovak Republic.

Comics Alliance:

Just last week, ComicsAlliance brought you the story of a man authorized by police in Brazil to operate as Batman in order to help combat “murder and drug trafficking.” Now, it seems that the real-life equivalent of Batman’s international crime-fighting task force has increased again, thanks to a man in the Slovak city of Dunajska Streda, who has dedicated himself to improving his neighborhood while wearing a a homemade Batman costume.

Acccording to Reuters, the 26-year-old Zoltan Kohari — which, if nothing else, is a name that sounds like it was ripped straight out of a comic book — is described by the people in his neighborhood as “an honest and good man” and, unlike his comic book counterpart, he “never resorts to physical violence.” Instead, he focuses on helping in smaller ways, with an eye on stepping up to “making sure bouncers at the local disco do not rough up visitors.”

It’s not exactly swinging from the skyscrapers, but Kohari isn’t exactly Bruce Wayne either. He does have an origin story that includes elements of tragedy and inspiration, though: After a suicide attempt that followed an eight-month jail sentence, Kohari was inspired by Batman to try his hand at making a difference in his neighborhood, even going as far as creating a headquarters for himself in an abandoned building without running water or electricity.

The end result is that Kohari’s role as a local super-hero has endeared him to his neighbors:

“He’s had a tough life but he is very dependable and we like him. He helps us out, keeps an eye on public order, and he is a hero for my son and his schoolmates,” said Jana Kocisova, a mother of two who lives in a neighboring apartment block.

Admittedly, it’s a pretty strange way to go about making a difference in one’s community, but if nothing else, it’s a testament to the power of super-heroes as forces of inspiration that this is how Kohari has chosen to do so, even without the advantages that come from being a billionaire with a butler and a Batcave.

I think this good sir missed the part of The Dark Knight ¬†where Wayne differentiates himself from other vigilantes by pointing out that he ain’t the guy in hockey equipment. Unless I can get tanks and the resources being a billionaire affords, I ain’t going anywhere near this game.