LulzSec Leader Betrays All Of Anonymous. Leads To Huge Arrests. F**k This Guy.

The Matrix is under attack, yo. Would-be ringleader of Anonymous and leader of LulzSec  Hector Xavier Monsegur has reportedly sold out both organizations, and has be tugging government dongle for months. What a fuck.


The name Sabu should be familiar: as part of LulzSec, a potent offshoot of Anonymous, he masterminded legendary attacks against the CIA, FBI, Sony, and numerous other corporate and government targets. He was their Captain Hook. That was before. Fox News reports the shadowy hack deity is not only confirmed to be unemployed 28-year-old New Yorker Hector Xavier Monsegur, but that Sabu has been “collaborating with the government for months,” leading to a string of arrests around the world today. It’s unclear how many will be dragged down with Sabu’s nine months of federal collaborating, but it’s safe to assume whatever vestiges of LulzSec remained are toast–we’ll know for sure when all of the indictments are unsealed.

And according to Fox, the dragnet was thick:

On August 15, 2011 Monsegur pleaded guilty to more than ten charges relating to his hacking activity. In the following few weeks, he worked almost daily out of FBI offices, helping the feds identify and ultimately take down the other high-level members of LulzSec and Anonymous, sources said.

That’s right–the man who helped the internet celebrate #FuckFBIFridays was doing so from an FBI desk. But only after the feds wielded Sabu’s children against him:

“He didn’t go easy,” a law enforcement official involved in flipping Sabu told “It was because of his kids. He didn’t want to go away to prison and leave them. That’s how we got him.”

Well that sucks, and I suppose, is to be expected.