Video: Seth Rogen Crushes Chris Brown, Owns It Up At 2012 Spirit Awards.

I had been tiring of Seth Rogen and his  shtick  for a while now, but last weekend he reinvigorated my love for him. Speaking at the 2012 Spirit Awards he spit general hot fire, but clinched my approval for the verbal tire iron he swung at the piece of utter  refuse, Chris Brown.

Hit the jump to check it out.

The Daily What:

Awards Show  Monologue  of the Day:  2012 Independent Spirit Awards  host Seth Rogen shows other awards show hosts (you know who you are) how it’s done, with a killer 15 minute monologue that takes down movies, movie stars, movie awards, and even saves room for a Chris Brown jab (skip to 5:23) – all with the curse words left refreshingly  unbleeped.