Video: Touch-Sensitive Mario Coin Is The Coolest Lamp. Ever. Maybe?

Pretty swank geek lightning, right hurr. A touch-sensitive lamp that is a living its aesthetic live as an 8-bit Mario coin. Complete with sound effect!

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Interior design can be a challenge, especially when your passions in life aren’t easily translated into creative and unique home decor. Gaming culture certainly produces its fair share of posters and wall decals, granted, but what if you’re looking for something a little more elegant? What if you want your house guests to think “young professional,” rather than “college bachelor?” For you, there is the Super Mario Coin Block Lamp from 8BitLit.

Available for $74.99 at  the company’s Etsy shop, the lamp is made from laser-cut plexiglass and is illuminated by six LEDs. Switching the lamp on and off works exactly how you’d think, with each punch to the block’s underside accompanied by an appropriate sound effect. Combine this thing with The Clapper and your apartment will be  so smooth  your guests will need guardrails.