Neil Gaiman Is A F**king Scientologist? [Update] Neil To OL: No

[Caff note: This originally started as an “Awesome Comments” post a few days ago, but Neil himself commented to clarify so I’ve since updated it.]

Did you have any idea that Neil Gaiman was a Scientologist? Or might be one? I had no idea either. Then a Truth Bomber by the name of John Constantaine drudged up a post from last June and went to down with his knives of illumination.

Hit the jump for the entire spiel.

I’m naturally fucking curious, so Rendar and I went about Googling the information. Short story? This may damn well be true. Interesting stuff. Certainly disheartening if only because it comes from the guy who made a lot of sense nudging at religion in American Gods.

Cheers, John. Thanks for commenting.