R.L. Stine Publishes Entire Horror Story Line-By-Line On Twitter. My Childhood Glows.

The master scribe from my generation’s adolescence, R.L. Stine, has been up to awesomeness. Sound the awesome alarm! The good sir published an entire horror story line-by-line on Twitter.


Father to the  Fear Street  saga and theGoosebumps series  R.L. Stine has shared a brand new short story about an evil kitchen with the masses entirely over Twitter. Stine gave all of his online followers a bit of a surprise a few days ago when he crafted a short but sweet horror story line-by-line from his  Twitter account.  Ah the joys of short horror!

Read the story here

Okay so it isn’t like he churned the entire pig out and it ended up being 3,000 pages. Still though! Pretty rad. Glad to see the old maestro manipulating the new technologies.