Matt Groening Donates $500,000 For UCLA Chair Of Animation. Rad.

Here’s one to file under the “Paying it Forward” category.  Matt Groening has dropped a cool half-a-million on UCLA to help them fund a creation of a Chair of Animation. What exactly does that entails?

Glad you asked!

Robot 6:

The Simpsons  creator Matt Groening has given $500,000 toward the creation a chair in animation at the University of California, Los Angeles. The Matt Groening Chair in Animation at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television will “allow visiting master artists to teach classes” and “bring working professionals with wide-ranging expertise” to work with students. The cartoonist, a graduate of Evergreen State College in Washington, makes an annual $500,000 donation to UCLA to help students who create socially conscious animated shorts.