J.J. Abrams Bringing Apocalypse Drama To NBC. Time Travelling…Warheads?

J.J. Abrams keeps getting the go at television shows, despite the fact that his name carries very little street cred these days with fools of my generation. At least when it comes to his TV shows, featuring Spies-Dimension-Sprawling-Monster-Mysteries. This latest one? He’s teaming up with the creator of Supernatural to bang out an apocalypse drama.


J.J. Abrams’ next big TV series sounds like Fievel Mousekewitz and the American Apocalypse! NBC has just picked up Abrams’ new pilot Revolution, which happens to be about a separated family after the end of the world.

Entertainment Weekly has the official log line for the project:

In this epic adventure thriller, a family struggles to reunite in a post-apocalyptic American landscape: a world of empty cities, local militias and heroic freedom fighters, where every single piece of technology – computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights – has mysteriously blacked out … forever.

But the best news is that Supernatural head honcho Eric Kripke is writing the script. Yes, finally a pilot to be legitimately excited about!

Well, now that time travelling is played out, it must be time for Abrams to drain all the light out of the apocalypse. There was a time when, despite my jokes, I’d check out anything with name attached. These days? Nah. Maybe Eric Kripke can do Abrams a solid and revitalize his Name as Brand.