The Most Important Sci-Fi Film of All Time

Last weekend, my girlfriend took part in a short film contest called Campus Movie Fest. Sounds like a gas, right? The outcome is The Physical, based on a short film I came up with about six years ago. Starring Mike Downes, Carol Finn, and me, the story revolves around a young man with hopes of immigrating to Mars to join Earth’s first colony there. But first he has to pass his physical… (dun DUN).

I won’t spoil the ending, but prepare to have your face melted off! Or not, but I hope you like it, share it, live it, love it.

PS: I’m a terrible actor and I hate being in front of a camera, so I came up with a character called Snowblind. He’s blind, so I got to keep my eyes closed. Don’t ask me why a blind man wears prescription glasses.