Senate Postpones PIPA Vote. Everyone Dance (To Pirated Music)!

While everyone was totally Facebooking and Tweeting about SOPA in the past couple of weeks, its mutated Deliverance-esque brother bill was making its way through the Senate. However, there’s good news. A vote on the bill was postponed thanks to recent blatherings about rights and such by people and annoyances everywhere.

Boing Boing:

James Losey from the New America Foundation sez, “Great news, the PROTECT-IP Senate vote scheduled for Tuesday has been postponed!”

Washington, D.C. — Nevada Senator Harry Reid [ed: D-NV, Senate Majority Leader] released the following statement today on the Senate’s PROTECT I.P. Act: “In light of recent events, I have decided to postpone Tuesday’s vote on the PROTECT I.P. Act…”

The cynic in me says, “Yes, until no one is paying attention anymore. Then we’ll pass that shit right through under some other confusing acronym. Or if you twats are really persistent we’ll just bury it in something out. A Fluoride  at State Parks Bill or some shit!”

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