Grant Morrison Gets His Own Convention. No Srsly.

Grant Morrison is getting his own convention. As a devout acolyte of his, I’m having difficulty expressing how fucking excited just the fact that this exists  makes me.


Already the subject of a number of books, a documentary film and likely scads of college term papers, the respected and eclectic comics writer  Grant Morrison  is earning a more fan-centric honor in 2012: his own convention.

Announced January 5, the people behind San Francisco retailerIsotope Comics  and news and podcasting site  iFanboy  are teaming up to  present  MorrisonCon — a celebratory event which will feature the man himself as well as “9 hand picked comic creator superstars” — with an official website live at

The idea of boutique conventions isn’t entirely without precedent —  Image Comics is celebrating their 20th anniversary this February with a San Fran convention, for example — however, most other uniquely focused cons come with a focus on companies, genres or other broad entertainment categories.

Little information is out right now for the particulars of MorrisonCon, including date or location, but fans can  keep an eye on the site  and here on CBR for more info as it becomes available. In the meantime, sound off on the CBR Message Boards with your picks for who the creator’s nine guests may be.

Who is in with me?!