(It’s been a fruitful fucking year for us here at OL. There’s been ups and downs, but one of the most fistfully-forceful awesome happenings was a swelling of the contributors. We decided what a better way to celebrate this than to get all of us to spout off our favorite things  of the year.)

Movie: Drive.
Nicolas Winding Refn’s mean little masterpiece is like watching a poem of wild romance and wilder violence. Only it’s better than a poem because poetry sucks.

TV Show: Tie between Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire.
I just caught up with Boardwalk Empire a couple weeks ago, after the season 2 finale. Incredibly well written and well acted. I shouldn’t have to tell you how earth-shatteringly amazing Breaking Bad is. If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, it’s over.

Album:  Black Sabbath
I’m the absolute worst at keeping up with new music. So out of touch. I have no idea what’s going on in either the mainstream or underground (do the kids still call it that?). I’ve listened to nothing but Black Sabbath for the past two months. So I guess…just listen to Black Sabbath, OK?

Book: The Postmortal by Drew Magary.
Magary’s debut novel was a perfect blend of humor, social commentary, and eerily believable sci-fi all wrapped up in a little literature burrito. Devour it and then enjoy a stiff drink at the end.

Comic: Judge Dredd Complete Case Files
I don’t follow comics, but I picked up the first three volumes of the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files and I like them a whole lot.

Video Game:  
Just like comics and music, I have no idea what’s going on. I do know, however, that there is a fucking addicting flash game you can play on Adult Swim Arcade called Haunt the House. It’s so silly and fun. You play as a ghost and your objective is to scare everyone out of your house by possessing objects. If you scare them too much they kill themselves. Give it a try, it’s free.

That hot hamburger that Wendy’s dropped in our mouths this year was stupid good but had the shittiest, grossest name ever: “Dave’s Big and Juicy.” They might as well have named it “Dave’s Drooling Cock.”

Drink: Arizona Diet Green Tea. Seagram’s.
Whiskey got me through several months of unemployment in 2011. Thanks, whiskey!

Blu-ray Release of the Year: Brain De Palma’s Blow Out. The wealthy snobs at the Criterion Collection made me give them 30 dollars earlier this year for one of the greatest movies ever made, Blow Out. Absolutely stuffed with exhaustive special features and a crisp transfer.

Eagerly awaitin’:
Rian Johnson’s Looper. Prometheus. Django Unchained. GI Joe 2. The ABCs of Death. Mad Max: Fury Road to actually start shooting. My absolute favorite novelist, Richard Price, is supposed to have a new one coming out. Mayan Kill Storm: Tournament Edition.

Desperately hopin for:
OL Orlando Meet-Up. I want to take you all to Hogwarts.