Monday Morning Commute: Milk Teeth Yank

Holy smokes. Today marks the antepenultimate day of August 2011. Goddamn, not only am I traveling to the future, I feel like I’m heading there faster than ever. It’s weird – my flesh-wrapped time machine seems to accelerate at the same rate as its own cellular death. The less of vehicle I have, the more appealing the destination on the horizon seems.

Tomorrow’s tomorrow may have moonbases and Martian settlements, but let’s hope it’s also got robotic replacements for the components under my time machine’s hood.

Once again, welcome to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE — OL’s attempt to lubricate the spiritual meatus so that the workweek’s prickly-thrust don’t sting so bad! In short, I’m going to show you the various bits of entertainment I’ll be using to fend off stress and boredom. After reading, you’re encouraged to hit up the comments section and show off your own recipe for life-enrichment.

Time to rock and roll.


Watchin’/The Seventh Seal

I’m planning on watching The Seventh Seal with Caffeine Powered this week. I’ve heard about this movie for years and years (it’s a classic!), and am finally going to stop being a butthead and check it out. It seems like an interesting flick, with Death and some dude playing chess and whatnot.

I mean, it’s kind of a rip off of Bill and Ted, but I’m always down for reimaginings.


Rockin’/The Joy Formidable

I saw this gang of rockers months ago on CONAN and was blown away by their performance. I recently (re)discovered them and I can’t get enough. Maybe it’s because I have a soft-spot for power trios, but I’ll be goddamned if Whirring isn’t one of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard in years. These guys know how to weave together melodious vocals, soaring guitars, warm bass lines, and heavy-hittin’ drums to create the perfect radio-friendly anthem.

I foresee an album purchase in the near future.


Drinkin’/Parisian Vanilla (Melitta)

Okay, so the image above illustrates that my laziness tells me to crop a shitty photo I find online rather than take one myself. On the other hand, the video posted above shows that crappy commercials don’t always dissuade me from purchasing a product. Yes, I’m a compromised human being.

Anyway, I purchased Melitta’s Parisian Vanilla on a whim and I’ve been lovin’ the stuff. Since I drink my coffee black, I usually try to steer clear of flavored roasts, as I find that they usually need cream for their flavors to really click. Luckily, this is not the case with my first foray into the Melitta world. With only a couple sugars, Parisian Vanilla is damn delicious.


My week consists of coffee, pop-rock, and cinematic ruminations.

What’s your week consist of?