Monday Morning Commute: Alien AutoSpy

The American Dream walks among us and we don’t recognize him. He’s not a weepy bootlegger, changing his name and spying on his babe from across Long Island Sound. And he’s not some punk-ass kid running away from Pencey Prep, hoping to bang broads in the big city and failing miserably. And he sure as hell isn’t some over-the-hill salesman who’s hopin’ that his suicide will save his family.

This is the fuckin’ future, so let’s pay it some damn respect. The American Dream is digital – aspirations have been converted to ones and zeros. The collective consciousness is uploaded and downloaded, torrented with the assistance of an Electrical Storm Zeitgeist.

You’re reading  MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE, the weekly post where I jabber pseudo-philosophy at you and then show you what I’ll be doing during the week. We all know the drill – the workweek sucks, so let’s find some refuge in the shit that makes us happy. After I detail my plans, you hit up the comments section and share yours. And thus, a dialogue is born.

Let’s do this.


Envyin’/Film on Paper

Thanks to Warren Ellis, I have found yet another way to procrastinate for hours on end. Ellis, being the Internet guru that he is, tossed up a link to the newly-launched  Film on Paper, a website dedicated to displaying what must be the sickest movie poster collection of all-time. According to the site:

The site Film on Paper is an archive of original film posters featuring the collection of me, Eddie Shannon, an interaction designer, cat owner and film fan currently living in London, UK. The site came into being because I wanted a way to view my collection without having to continually handle the posters and risk.

I strongly encourage you to hit up Film on Paper. If you’re any sort of fan of film, you’ll be both mesmerized and envious. It’s wonderful.



The video above was secretly recorded by an employee of Area 51.

In an attempt to cross-pollinate cultural consciousness, a Skrull warrior was allowed to spend some time on a drumkit. Despite having no prior knowledge of percussive instruments, the alien seems to hold his own. We can only pray that he wants to rock for peace.

…Either that, or I’m trying to get back into the groove of drumming on a regular basis. It’s been years. Wish me luck.


Waitin’ For/New Aesop Rock

About a week ago, I found out that Aesop Rock was touring. At that point, he had already visited the Boston area – such is my luck. But that almost-awesome experience made me return to Aesop Rock’s back catalogue. And you know what? The dude’s shit is so tight. I have no clue what his recording plans are, but I’m more than ready for a new album.


For better or worse, that’s my week.

What’ll you be doing to pass the time until the weekend?