Nic Cage Arrested For Domestic Abuse…? By Odin’s Beard!

Here at Omega Level, we’re pretty hard on the genius of Nic Cage. Everyone who frequents this Den of Horrors knows this. That’s why when news broke today that Nic Cage had been arrested for domestic abuse, more than three Omegalytes brought the news to my attention.

Shock and awe. And  disappointment.

The Daily What:

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage (yeah, he totally won an oscar once) was arrested in New Orleans on charges of domestic abuse and disturbing the peace following a loud argument with his wife Alice in the street, though she was apparently not the complaining witness and no physical contact took place.

TMZ reports that Cage was “very drunk” and allegedly “taunted police into arresting him” by yelling “Why don’t you just arrest me?”

He was released this morning after posting bond.

Our resident Cage Expert, Patrick Cooper is currently on assignment somewhere in the world. Doing…something. So I’m left to try and make sense of this, and all I can do is hang my head a little bit. Cage, bro! You were our champion! Insanity? Rants? A submerged modicum of talent hidden behind excess and absurdity? I looked up to you! And now this. Ain’t nothing cool about getting violent with a member of the superior sex.

All heroes must fall. Such is the mandate of the universe, it seems.