Marvel’s Digital Comics To Stream Free At Starbucks Stores.

Ah, Starbucks. Where you saddle up to your Macbook Pro, with your Obama t-shirt on, reading up on the Huffington Post or something else bullshitty while sipping overpriced dirt water. Yeah, I’m typecasting. Fuck you! Well now us nerds are going to be storming into Starbucks. You see, Marvel has signed a deal with Starbucks which will allow patrons of the coffee house cult to access all of Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited free through ¬†Starbucks’ Digital Network.

In other words, go to Starbucks. Buy croissant. Browse all of Marvel’s digital comics for free.

Comics Alliance:

As mentioned at The Beat, Marvel’s future offerings are presumably in-store readables only and not proper downloads. That seems fair enough considering the content is free to anyone who opens the Starbucks Digital Network at participating locations.

If this program will give users full access to the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription service, a visit to Starbucks would mean the opportunity to check out 8,000 revolving digital comics. As it stands subscriptions to MDCU cost $5 per month, so picking up a venti latte and hanging out at SB for a few hours seems like an alright deal.

Still ain’t going to get me to go in there. I like reading my comics in my shitty underwear, in my dungeon.