Photo From Ron Moore’s 17th Precinct Is A BSG Nostalgia Bomb.

Check out this photo from Ron Moore’s next show, 17th Precinct. Hell yeah, Baltar, Lee, and Six are in it.


The 17th Precinct is set in the fictional town of Exelsior. The drama follows a team of mystical crime-fighting cops. Helfer plays Morgana a “necromancer” otherwise known as a coroner to the magically deceased. Callis is a homicide detective named John, and Bamber is a crime scene expert with the name Caolán Longstreet. It’s just one of the many fantasy shows coming to TV. Fingers crossed Moore can hit this series out of the park as well.’

I’ll be watching this show, because of its tenuous ties to my favorite thing ever. It’ll be like BSG but without the awesome. Or if you hate BSG, it’ll be like BSG but double the suck.