Berlin Street Artists Build Kaleidoscopes To Block Subway Ads.

The future is happening all around us, and we have no fucking idea! Take Berlin. Apparently in Berlin, they’ve eschewed print advertisements in subway stations for projectors to display their ads. In response, a group of Berlin street artists build giant kaleidoscopes to place over said projectors. Take the power back! Or at least the uh, sanctity (?) of subway walls. The minds behind the gag explain:

A couple of months ago, ad-projectors appeared in a Berlin subway station, throwing moving images all over the station walls and lifting visual aggressiveness to a new level. Since the images were projected, we could get between projector and projection to fight this new quality of exaggerated advertisement with its own weapons. Minimalinvasive adbusting devices made of mirrors, magnets and quite some ducktape.

It’s pretty bad ass.

Hit the jump to see them pull it off.