American Revenge

Inspired by John Shelton Lawrence and Robert Jewett’s study, Myth of the American Superhero and my ever loving hard-on for Charles Bronson, the “American Revenge” mix features clips from some of my favorite vigilante movies. The beginning features footage from the videotaped confessions of Bernhard Goetz (aka the Subway Vigilante). With the mix, I leaned towards some lesser known films and excluded any rogue cops (sorry, Dirty Harry).

I’m not the best editor in the world, but I hope you like it and I hope you share it.

“Whereas the classical monomyth seemed to reflect rites of initiation, the American monomyth derives from tales of redemption…combining elements of the selfless servant who impassively gives his life for others and the zealous crusader who destroys evil.” – Myth of the American Superhero