Rumor: Dude Behind “Eagle Eye” To Direct Preacher? Saint of Killers Save Us.

Preacher is a monolith which shouldn’t be touched in various other mediums. Talk of attempting to adapt it into anything, especially a film, is an adequate way to have me doubling my daily prescribed intake of antipsychotics. The current news about who may be directing it is just increasing this anxiety within the rattled halls of my rotting brainstem.

Currently rumored? The fucking guy who directed Eagle Eye, DJ Caruso.


In September producer Moretz  told Total Film Magazine that “Another unnamed director has apparently signed on.” We haven’t had any leads on this until today. One of my well placed Hollywood spys informs me that  Disturbia/Eagle Eye helmer  DJ Caruso is in talks to direct a big screen adaptation of  Preacher. This is said to be all dependent on the box office of his  latest  film,  I Am Number Four. I have not been able to double source this rumor, but I thought I’d throw it out there to get your thoughts?

They are aiming for an R-rating to make the film adaptation. Moretz has said that  John August‘s script is “a really faithful adaptation but made it probably more accessible to a broader audience.”

The amount of bile that runs up my throat when thinking about this douc…dude directing the flick is absurd. It doesn’t make any sense. Fuck, it’s like letting some meathead like Zack Snyder direct something as nuanced as Watchmen. It can’t happen, right? Seems ludicrous.