New Rumor! Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Play Alberto Falcone In Next Batman.

The rumor machine chugs along! Nothing can stop it. Except the dastardly Truth which won’t be rearing its had around The Dark Knight Rises for a good while now. The latest rumor? Fuck Robin! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to be playing Alberto Falcone. It’s just a rumor, but it makes some good fucking sense.


Falcone is related to a character mentioned in the previous two films and he’s also rumored to be Holiday, the main villain in one of Nolan’s favorite and most referenced Batman stories:  The Long Halloween. Read more after the jump.

This rumor was started over at  Comic Book Movie where they reported the news from an anonymous source. The report said  The Dark Knight Rises will feature Alberto Falcone coming back to Gotham to try and reclaim the city Batman helped take from his father. That certainly sounds like it could fit in with Nolan’s story, plus it even has a place for Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) because in the series  Catwoman: When in Rome, Kyle believes Carmine Falcone was her father. Do brother and sister team up? And where does Bane (Tom Hardy) fit in?

This sounds like it has some more weight and girth to it than our Robin speculating.  Thoughts?