CAGE MATCH: The Week in Nic Cage

Hello everyone, welcome back. You look terrific. After getting over the bummer of Season of the Witch, we can finally kick back and be excited about Drive Angry 3D. A new image and totally NSFW clip was released this week – enough to wet our appetites for the film’s February 25 release date.

We’ve also got an exclusive clip from the rarely seen Time to Kill. Seriously there was no clips on YouTube from this Cage gem until I put one on last night. In the mix as well is an awesome homage to Cage’s diverse hair styles, a thought-provoking interview with the Times of India, some painful news from the Ghost Rider 2 set, a Netflix recommendation, and whimsical music video. So much stuff! Let’s do this.

Cage Is a Bad Influence on Iguanas

Time to Kill (Tempo di uccidere) is a 1989 film written and directed by Giuliano Montaldo. Cage plays a soldier in the Italian Army as they invade Ethiopia in 1936. He leaves camp because he has a toothache and this choice sets off a string of cosmic incidents. One of these incidents is coming across an iguana (Bad Lieutenant foreshadowing???) and putting a cigarette in its mouth. Iguanas must be Cage’s spirit animal.

The movie is OOP and not that great. It’s actually really dull and the scene above (that I so selflessly put on YouTube last night) is the best part. BUT every Cage film is important. You know this is true. So if you get a chance, see it. Used VHS copies are dirt cheap on Amazon.


The Evolution of Nic Cage’s Hair

Cage’s hair deserves a lifetime achievement award as much as he does. Harry Hanrahan, the man behind the now legendary “Nic Cage Losing His Shit” video, has returned with an homage to Cage’s versatile hair. Follicles have never been so much fun!

(via Pajiba)

New Image and a Very NSFW Clip From Drive Angry 3D

I cannot wait for Drive Angry 3D. The story of   man busting our of hell to rescue his daughter from a Satanic cult is reason enough to go, but more importantly it’s Cage’s first movie in a while that his kids can’t see. As the clip from Collider below demonstrates, this ones going to be a hard R. Cage’s character Milton is most likely going to be another one for the genius book.


UPDATE: Cage Not Going to India to Promote SotW, But He Has Read About the Country

Last month it was reported that Cage would be heading to India to promote SotW. In a recent email interview with Times of India, Cage says he will not be going because he has shit to do. Deal with it, India.

The interview is pretty funny and Cage seems rather curt. Here are some highlights:

I have never been to India, but have read about the country.

I wake up feeling misunderstood, but now I have come to terms with it. Naah… I am just joking!

I never flushed the fishes down the toilet.

I don’t do all this to get attention. I am not 20 anymore.

Something else that I am not going to forget is the day I had to stare at a wolf for an entire day. Trust me, I was really scared.


Ghost Rider 2 Filming Halted Because Cage’s Boots Are Too Tight Awwww

While filming Ghost Rider 2 in Turkey, Cage suffered a foot injury due to some wicked tight boots. Shooting was delayed until Cage was treated and the costume department was executed.

Filming was taking place in the Romanian city of Bucharest when Cage started to complain of pain in his feet and had to limp off the set. Sounds like he was right back into the action though as on set Doctor, Bogdan Ionescu, summarises: “Nicolas Cage had a foot injury due to his boots. He was treated and went back to work.” (via Moviefone)

I’m not going to lie…I’ve never seen Ghost Rider. I will before I catch the sequel though, I promise.


Red Rock West Available on Netflix Watch Instantly

Now streaming on Neflix Watch Instantly is the 1993 neo-noir Red Rock West, starring Cage, Dennis Hopper, and J.T. Walsh. Cage plays Mike, a blue collar Texan who heads to Wyoming for a job. After the promised employment falls through, Mike is mistaken by a wealthy prick to be the hitman hired to kill his unfaithful wife. Mike sees an opportunity for a fast buck, so he takes the money and runs.

Shit turns sour when Mike runs into the actual hitman, Lyle, played by Dennis Hopper. It’s one of Hopper’s best roles (see clip below) as he steals the show as the sociopath Lyle. Watch it, unless you think you’re better than me!


Nic Cage the Music Video

I leave you this week with The Nic Cage Song. It’s pretty good and I especially like the “Haaaaaas” from Leaving Las Vegas. (via FilmDrunk)

See you next week! Cage Match out!