Wesley Snipes Is Making A Video Game. From Jail.

Listen, the man who played Willie Mays Hayes will always have a pass in my book. Fucking classic. Not only that, but who hasn’t thought of Wesley Snipes as a visionary? I know I have. I also know you can’t keep a visionary down. Despite being in jail for tax evasion, Snipes is currently working on a video game. The game, which is calledJulius Styles: The International is being developed for iPhone and iPad, with an XBLA/PSN/Android release planned later. It’s based on the movie of the same name, which Snipes will be filming after his sentence is over in 2013.”

A Wesley Snipes led video game in development, which is then going to dovetail into a movie release after he’s free? I can’t think of any reason this isn’t going to blow our goddamn socks off.