THIS WEEK ON Dexter: Hop A Freighter

The second to last episode of a Dexter season seems to always be the most exciting. It’s when all the feces strike the fan accordingly, sending a flurry of corn-covered shit out into every facet of Dexter’s life. Last night’s episode was no different. And goddamn, did I love it. It set up the final episode, which could be titled every season: Dexter! How The Fuck Do You Fix This?

At one point last night I realized what should have been obvious: this season of Dexter is the best sociopathic rendition of a Shakespearean tragedy on television. Though to call a Shakespearean tragedy “sociopathic” may in fact be redundant.

All The World’s A Body bag!

Dramatic Irony Ahoy [Part One]
The amount of dramatic irony drizzled through the Dexterverse this season is fucking fantastic. It’s such an effective trope, which explains why its been used since forever. I enjoyed it most last night when it was used to have Deb convey that totally heartwarming conversation wherein she talks about how Dexter has to love Lumen. Why? Dexter must have the total heart-bleed for Ms. Lumen because he’s willing to put it all on the line to help her reap her vengeance.

I was torn midway through the scene because I was feeling the whole thing being a smidge bit forced. “Oh Dexter! She totally has to love him! He’s so committed. It’s fucked up, but they must love one another.” But I’m a softie, and I’m a double softie for Dexter and his quest to find someone to love.

On The Killing of Liddy.
Again, I run into a problem with Dexter’s behavior this season. The dude is killing people who haven’t violated the code. Is Liddy a reprehensible douchebag? Of course! But was he worthy of the knife? I’m not sold. I was wondering how they were going to justify Liddy’s eventual murder. But now it seems they aren’t going to. They solved this quandry in season two by having Lila kill Doakes. It was convenient as fuck, but it got them off the hook. As much as they’re douchey, both Liddy and Doakes were pursuing Dexter because he’s a murderer. Oh yeah! The writers are fantastic at getting us to ignore this fact.

But now?

Maybe they’re throwing a morsel of moral ambiguity for us to sift through. What becomes of Dexter when he just starts killing people who become encumbrances to his crusades? I was floating him a solid on rapists who didn’t kill. But now he’s offing a dude who find out his dark secret?

What do you peeps think?

Dramatic Irony Ahoy [Part II]
The other bit of delicious dramatic irony was Dexter’s crusade to stop Quinn. Whoops! Oh Dexter, you have every reason to suspect Quinn. But now you know the truth, it’s Liddy coming after you. This piece of dramatic irony seems particularly important to the entire storyline, since it was Dexter heading out after Quinn that dragged him away from Lumen which then resulted in her getting kidnapped. All of this was precipitated by his desire to squelch Quinny.

I have to mention that Lumen fulfilled her role as the petulant idiot by heading out to visit Emily or whatever her name happens to be. She rolls out to visit a stranger who sounds like she’s under duress without her personal ninja bodyguard lover? That’s horror movie chick behavior.

I’m interested to see where the Quinn and Dexter relationship is going? I pegged him as not surviving the season, but I’m not so sure anymore. Are they building up his relationship with Deb to make his death next episode more tragic? Or are they going to roll it over into next season?

With Quinn off Dexter’s diabolical dick, I don’t mind the guy. I find his relationship with Debbie Morgan to be cute, and the only other storyline I can stomach on the show.

Star Crossed Lovers!
Dexter and Lumen sizzled this episode. Maybe I’m feeling particularly fuzzy as I embark on my love for the Season of Barnyard Births and The Giving Spirit. But the little nuances between them were adorable. I particularly dug on Dexter looking over her shoulder, nuzzling up to her as they checked out Quinn’s computer. It felt real to me. They seem good for one another.

Which means it won’t last. They have what, fifty or so minutes of screen time left with one another? Their love simply cannot stand. As much as it depresses me to admit it, it fits with an overarching theme throughout the show. Dexter’s thirst for blood will ruin anything it touches. So long as he pursues the populating of the Atlantic with corpses, everything around him will continue to rot.

Oh Romeo, Romeo, where art though killing blade?

The Pieces Are Set, The Players In Motion.
Well, what happens next? Your guess is as good as mine. Chase dies. Obviously. Police think he fled the country. Or maybe they catch Lumen standing over him, knife in hand. We have fifty minutes of Dexter to resolve this, and I’m sure it’s going to be butt clenching, white-knuckled awesomeness.

Dexter, who clearly trained with Aragorn, is going to hunt down Lumen based off of footprints, and the scene of her perfume wafting through blades of grass and shit. But what happens when he finds her? Rigor mortis? Having already dealt with Chase? Or some third, unforeseen happening?

I really can’t picture her either not dying, or going to jail. Just me though.

What’d you guys think? Hit me.