Pixelninja’s Metroid Cosplay Is The Quintessence of Nerd Gorgeousness

The interwebs have been all aflutter over the recent cosplay by Pixelninja. Yesterday the fat bandwidth tubes of the Nerd Kingdom were filled with pictures of her posing in Samus’ Varia and Gravity suits. They were all stunning, but what else do you expect from Pixel? She’s something of a cosplay wunderkind, whose assortment of costumes are pure nerd sex. They’re all meticulously crafted, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re inhabited by a beautiful woman. I won’t stunt: I love cosplay. I love it done right, featuring beautiful women. I love it done wrong, featuring bloated messes that I derive a good amount of schadenfreude from.

Pixelninja does it well, damn well.

Hit the jump for some pictures of these suits in action.

Check out the rest of her cosplay at her website. You’re welcome.