THIS WEEK ON Dexter: In The Beginning

A thousand years ago, when this season was a bore, I couldn’t have imagined enjoying the season as much as I am. But none the less, episode upon episode continues to build upon the rocket doomship that Dexter and Lumen seem to be strapped onto. Unbeknown to them, the spilling of the Jordan Chase gang’s barrel loot has kicked off a cascading set of events that are building towards either the most plucky escape or their doom. I think it’s safe to bet on escape. But fucking how?

The unveil behind the creation of the Boyd Fowler posse popped off last night, and it was nothing short of satisfying. Nothing like some gang rape at summer camp to truly cement these dudes in the echelons of monsters. The creepiest part? Jordan not partaking in the ritual. Instead, the son of a bitch guides the rapes and murders, imploring his little lackeys to seize their primal desire. The dude probably goes home and burps his dong into a bucket. It is voluminous. Creeper creeping in the background, orchestrating everything.

What does this say about his drives, though? For someone who tells everyone else to go about taking what they believe is theirs, why doesn’t he actually partake in the ritual? Overlord of the Rape Gang?

The scene between Jordan and Dexter in the police station was pure creep. Unless I’m mistaken, Dexter and his seasonal foe always stare deep into the abyss of one another before the final stand. At the very least, it happened last season with Trinity. Something about them understanding that they’re both about to leap off the precipice and only one of them can survive that gets the blood curdled into chunky chunks of tense hemoglobin.

Hey Robocop, why you creepin’? Unintentionally (or perhaps intentionally) amazing moment of the episode was when Robocop slowly closed the blinds while spying on Dexter and Lumen. What exactly was he achieving by closing those blinds? Other than hilarity? I mean, if they can see creeper creeping across an entire patio and through blinds, I’m fucking impressed with Dexter. However, there does seem to be no limit to his elite ninja skills. Lock picking, Solid Snake-level stealth and close quarter combat capabilities. Recognizance like what. Limitless potential!

Am I the only one that’s sweating the potential for Deb to be brought into Dexter’s dark little world? She’s stopped just short of telling everyone that she thinks that the murder of these cretins is awesome. I have been informed by various sources that Deb knows in the books, though I’m not sure how much stock I put in the revelation crossing the mediums. I know there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t make an appearance.

But will this?

‘Cause I don’t know how Dexter is getting out of his pickle without outside assistance.

Bonds born in the throes of horror! Boyd and his Rape Posse Unlimited were forever tethered by their acts at that summer camp. It makes sense that they’re all together throughout the ages because of that act. I mean, what do they have have outside of that? A sickness born in rape and blood that runs through all of them.

Jordan’s mask is particularly interesting, since he governs everything from afar as the mastermind of the operations. It seems convenient that everyone Dexter encounters has been born through some sort of calamity. Either one they’ve participated in, or they’ve been a victim to. Trinity suffered through his family being smashed, Jordan Chase was born anew after the incident in the cabin, Ice Truck killer, et cetera.

Dexter seems to lean heavily on nurture in the ageless nature versus nurture debate. What continuously separates Dexter from his counterparts every season? The guidance of Harry. Everyone else has succumbed to the weight of their shattered psyches. The implication gets   a bit uncomfortable, even if, I know, it’s a show: if you suffer a childhood cataclysm, you’re fucked up forever.

What you do with that shard of psyche is up to your environment, and those around you.

The universe did Dexter a serious solid when they put Harry in his path.

By the way, if you thought Dexter and Lumen were actually at Alex’s house when Quinn and Deb raided it, you just fell for the oldest gag ever. Don’t sweat it, I still love you.

Lumen’s fate seems all but sealed after last night’s bedding with Dexter. The poor girl. I dig the fuck out of them as the Batman & Robin of ultimate vengeance. Finally Dexter has someone who can peer into his darkness and like totally get him, man! He should write poems about this chick. But instead, he’ll end up writing an obituary. Just my guess. Best possible scenario I can actually buy? She gets the fuck out of Dodge after offing Jordan Chase. But I’m an optimist.

Would would happen if Dexter could ultimately save his maternal proxy? After failing to save his mother, he continues on his Messiah complex. Trying to save women who are suffering. Rita and her abusive ex-husband? Dead. Jesus Christ With A Knife is now trying to save Lumen, but I mean, c’mon. It ain’t going to happen, is it?


Thoughts, impressions, et cetera? Hit the comments box. I hope you’re digging the show as much as I am.