Happy Fuggin’ Turkey Day To All The Flesh Sacks Out There!

Dear Flesh Sacks,
Gather round. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this on our interwoven telecommunications grid that has ensnared this Earth, there is a good chance things could be going more poorly for you. Fuck me you say? Fuck me indeed!

Nonetheless, it is without irony that both the Brothers Omega consider themselves delusional enough to feel themselves lucky to still be aspirating. So, to those foolish enough to gather around these parts. To those unfortunate enough to have us as family. To those silly enough to consider us friends; happy fucking Thanksgiving.

I can only hope you celebrate it properly. I demand your caloric consumption be insane. I demand you imbibe your drink of choice – whether it be alcoholic or fruit, until you piss laser beams. And finally I demand your mirth be great.