How to Eat Yoshi! And that God Damn Rapist Bowser As Well.

Jude Buffum has tackled a question we’re all wondering: if we were to kill Bowser or Yoshi or a chocobo, how would we go about eating them? What are the choicest of meats? The best slices? I know it’s a salient question for many of us. I mean, if Bowser can rape and pillage as he sees fit, why can’t we eat the son of a bitch? Buffum came up with a bunch of graphics that mimic a view of cuts for something as pedestrian as say a cow, but instead applied it to the fantastic meats of nether realms.

They’re awesome. The entire work was done for the upcoming show Pixel Pushers, and it’s tremendous. Hit the jump for a guide to eating your favorite mythical creature. (Or two.)