What If: Spider-Man Was A Fat Slob, Captain America Tripped Balls!

Making its way with a stunning, Flash-like rapidity around the internet today is Kerry Callen’s fucking rockin‘ take on Marvel comic book characters. Callen imagined what it would be like if Marvel characters went through the same absurd, mind-fucking scenarios that their DC companions underwent in the bonkers 1960s. Callen puts it best:

Have you ever noticed that early Marvel covers typically showcased a superhero fighting a villain, while during the same period, DC covers presented mostly outrageous, character scenarios? I started wondering what DC would have done with the Marvel characters back in the 60’s.

Then, I felt compelled to create a couple.

Outstanding. Not only are they hilarious, but they’re mesmerizingly accurate as old school, faded covers. Hit the jump to check out Callen’s work.