Robot Does Full Dance Routine With Human Back-Up Dancers; Robot Apocalypse Imminent.

Jesus Christ! What’s wrong with us as a civilization? Haven’t we watched Battlestar Galactica? Terminator? Blade Runner? The Matrix? Don’t they know that creating robotic lifeforms leads only to an ass-drubbing of humanity by the pissed of Children of Mankind? But nooo, we just keep fucking around. Take for example this bullshit from last week’s Digital Content Expo in Japan. What we got here is the HRP-4C robot performing an entire dance routine with a contingent of soon to be outdated meat sacs. No, seriously. Don’t you understand that it’s an infinitesimally small leap from performing dance routines to nuking our cities and drilling our skulls with robo-dongs? We are precipitating our own doom.

Hit the jump for what is a taste at our future obliteration.