Steve Wiebe Leaps Barrel of Douche to Reclaim Donkey Kong Record!

Back in July, the Spicy Mulleted Maestro of Gaming Evil, Billy Mitchell, reclaimed the Donkey Kong high score record. Dude posted a 1,062,800 on the same day that he was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame. Mitchell, as made famous by the documentary The King of Kong is a real life villain. In that sort of cool, Darth Vader with a sexy haircut style. Brash, pimpin’, owner of his own line of hot sauce, and not really giving a fuck. I know there’s a lot to do about how fairly a documentary sets up a narrative as accurately reflecting reality but who cares.

‘Cause over the weekend, good prevailed. Well-manufactured, carefully edited good. But dammit, we need our narratives, don’t we?

Steve Wiebe, the average dude and dorky school teacher reclaimed the mantle from ole Willy Mitchell. Wiebe dropped a thunderous 1,064,500 point-effort back on August 20, and it was confirmed a couple of days ago.

How fantastic is this shit? The battle between the two of them was captured in said documentary, and it continues to rage to this day. You just know that somewhere, when Mitchell found out, he immediately pimp-slapped one of his lackeys who was giving him a pedicure and busted ass towards one of the last standing Chuck E. Cheese’s to try and topple Steve.

I love the entire thing. I love Mitchell, his swagger, and his awesome hair. I love how he embraces his role as villain. And as a frumpy dork like Wiebe, I actively root for him with all my bleeding heart. The two of them are engaged in some epic shit.